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Wholesale pricing is available for orders of 4 or more copies intended for resale.
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Shop owners: Why carry Point Well Taken in your shop?

Customers who are successful with special-purpose needles and threads tell their friends and come back for more! As their confidence and skill increases, they’ll rely on you to help them expand their sewing repertoire. Point Well Taken is a great solution for any customer who’s having trouble or just wants to improve their knowledge and skill. Your teachers will want it, and your employees will refer to it as they help customers shop. It’s a great add-on sale for everyone who shops at your store, and it will help you promote other items that you carry. Keep a copy close to the phone to help you answer questions!

If you carry Point Well Taken, we’ll be glad to list your shop on our Buy Now page, along with links to your website and a map to your store.

Teachers: Why use Point Well Taken in your classes?

When your students are pleased with their own work, they’re more likely to show it off... and talk about you! Selling Point Well Taken with class materials gives your students a great reference during the class and as they work on their own at home. Successful sewers will appreciate your help and become eager to sign up for more advanced classes. Shops always love add on sales - so do the students, too.

It’s a Merry, Merry Holiday Special!...

Get a special deal on a hot selling book! Minimum order for retail shops only has been reduced to only 4 books for a limited time.

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